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Now that I have been freed up from the mantle of BSA chairman, I should have (I hope) more time to spent on my own bonsai pursuits, including this blog. (Any BSA queries should be directed to graham.walker11@ntlworld.com)

I have been running regular shohin workshops from my home for a few months now and these have been very popular. I will announce dates on this blog so keep checking back.

I will also be posting some trees, stands and pots for sale here very soon. I hate selling my trees, I want to own them all! But needs must…. I hope to be taking piccies tonight and posting them this week, including a lovely little Juniper in a nice old pot styled by Taiga Urushibata. What a way to start!

Updated sales page iminent!

Just to prove to critiques that I am still alive and loving shohin bonsai, the Swindon Bonsai Society had me down there for a workshop at the weekend. Despite the long drive it was an enjoyable day. Please go to the Swindon Bonsai site for more details.

On the subject of driving, I have a new Bonsai-mobile. For those that know me will understand that I go through cars faster than I do a bag of Akadama. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer.

elgrandThose keen eyed amoung you will recognise it as a Nissan Elgrand. Well known in Japan for transporting trees. The hideous picture of the Afghan hound on the bonnet has been removed!

I will be making an appearance at the Wirral group soon and will even be selling a few (hopefully) trees at the Bonsai Boot sale North West.


So far from being out of bonsai, I am enjoying the actual part of doing bonsai.


keep the faith




2 thoughts on “Time

  1. Good to see you back on the Web John.
    Great day with you at Swindon, very informative and gave me the confidence to try deadwood. Thanks.

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