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Bonsai Boot and broken cars

Well the new car didn’t last long. Those that know me will not be suprised. I have rotten luck with cars so myuch so that I am on first name terms with the AA guys.

For the last week I have found myself enjoying the delights of public transport and a 4 hour round trip to work each day. This has travel time has encroached on my tree time. So much so that I have been suprised by the rapid onset of autumn for some of my shohin.

mayumiMy spindles have been the first to change. Earlier than I remember by a good month. The difference in colour between the left and the right hand side of the tree shows me that I need to be turning my trees more often. Oh well, I will blame the car trouble.

Anyway, I am back on the road in a smaller but more practical car and will be at Daisy Nook garden centre this weekend for the North West Bonsai car boot sale. I will be selling some of my shohin to help pay the garage bills!


Hope to see you there!


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