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Wirral Bonsai club

The Wirral groupn has for a long time been one of the most pro-active groups in the country and I am pleased to have had a long association with them. Due to the car problems previously blogged I missed their show but now that I am back on the road I will be there tomorrow giving a talk/demo.

Not being strictly proffesional (in many ways) and having a day job, I stuggle to do all that I would like in the bonsai world and not having a nursery, I stuggle for suitable material. I often spend more than my fee on the piece of material to do the actual demo on! Being a shohin specialist hinders this further. If you do a demo on a shohin tree, no one can see what you are doing!

However tomorrow nights talk/demo will be on a number of trees that have gone over. Ones that have been exhibited in the past but have gotten a little too large and out of proportion.

shimpakuThis is the original “offering” picture of one of them from quite a few years ago. For many years it was never away from exhibitions, winning many awards. It was a little over shohin size back then. Now it has inflated so much in size, much like its owner and now needs a sort out.


Probably the best the tree looked. At the first Bonsai World event. The display is pretty poor though!

So if you are free tomorrow night, come along to the Wirral group. It will be a good night.




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