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Maybe I should drive a greenhouse, not a car.

Every year has one month or maybe more that gives me a misguided hope that I could make a living out of bonsai. I am currently in the middle of such a time.  Although many of my bonsai activities are for fun as opposed for business it’s a busy time. The day job does tend to distract from the fun stuff and drain energy that would be better spent on small trees. However the busy spell will be fleeting and the job does help me buy little trees.

One concern is always the amount of time my trees spend in my car and the damage that tis can cause being packed and unpacked all the time. So far there has not been any casualties.

Starting with the excellent show at capel manor. I managed to sell a few trees, do a demo and pick up the award for best display.IMGP0380

Thas one of the fun parts of shohin bonsai in that you can actually build a display. Larger trees with limited display space tend to be plonked down on a stand with an accent and we are done. It’s much harder to include space, direction, seasonality etc.

Following capel, my display continued the journey without me to the Bonsai San exhibition in Saulieu courtesy of John Pitt and Peter Warren.  A larger display and one that I have been playing with in preparation for Noelanders.


I was extremely fortunate that the display picked up an award. I am also fortunate to have friends that helped make it possible. Mr Pitt and Mr Warren for transporting and setting up the display and John Brocklehurst and Doug Mudd without whom, I would not have stands for my trees to be displayed upon.


This weekend I will be at Tony Tickles BURRS workshop. I hope some small trees turn up!


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