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Life is what happens whilst you are busy making other plans. 

A lot of the plans and promises in respect to regular blog posts that I made for 2017 didn’t quite make it to fruition. It’s not that I have been lazy (maybe) but a combination of work, relocating my trees (thank goodness they are shohin) , writing for Esprit Bonsai, club visits, Monaco, workshops and all the other day to day life stuff. 

I hope 2018 will be more organised and less frantic. Although I am already filling every spare minute. Apart from my usual bonsai activities,  I am now the proud occupier of an allotment. So far the bind weed is the only thing thriving at the site.

In the last few days I have started making arrangements to restart the Yorkshire Bonsai Association. 

Some might remember the YBA. In its heyday it had over 100 members, as did many clubs. I resigned as the chair prior to my first trip to Taishoen. Sadly there wasn’t anyone to take over so the group ceased. 

Leeds has been devoid of a Bonsai group ever since. Until now I hope. 

Anyway, it’s early days. All being well it will be at the original venue of St Columbas United Reform Church in Headingly and on the original day of the first Monday of the month. PM/email me for more info. That goes for club visits too. 

Belated happy new year wishes to all. 



One thought on “Life is what happens whilst you are busy making other plans. 

  1. Hi John, glad to hear that you are getting back into the swing of things, mind you; the allotment is going to give you a back ache, if the YBS gets back up and running I suggest you make it a “getting to know you” day at the allotment with a few spare rakes and shovels, you know what us scousers are like, take a chance!!
    Looking forward to your workshop at Gordale on the 28th all is WBS lads are lined up for your help and advice.


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