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The Yorkshire Bonsai Association 

As mentioned in my previous post, Leeds has been missing a Bonsai group since the closure of the Yorkshire bonsai association at the end of 2006.

Finally I have gotten around to doing something about it. I had hoped that someone else might do it but as the saying goes, if you want something doing…. 

So I am very pleased to announce that the inaugural meeting of the newly formed YBA will take place on Monday the 5th of March at 19.30.

The venue is the same as it was in the old days. St Columbas United Reform Church, Headingley, Leeds. Also as before it will meet on the first Monday of the month, moving to the second when it falls on a bank holiday. 

In the first meeting I hope to press gang a steering group to take us forwards through 2018 and beyond. 

Please share to anyone that might be interested. I hope to attract members from the neighbouring clubs where I regularly appear with the intention to build a camaraderie that will be to everyone’s benefit. 

Please get in touch if you want any further info. 

Best wishes to all. 



One thought on “The Yorkshire Bonsai Association 

  1. Well done for taking the bull by the horns John.

    Hope to visit your new club in the future.



    Check out my website http://www.chinamist.co.uk Follow me on Twitter @china_mist_pots Or call me on 07961 934444


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