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Details of where you can find me doing demonstrations at clubs around the UK are listed below. If you would like me to demo at your club you can contact me at jarmitagebonsai@hotmail.co.uk or call me on  07927335087.

  • 10th April 2017 – York Bonsai Society
  • 23rd April 2017 – Seamer Pelargonium Society
  • 25th April 2017 – Bristol Bonsai Society
  • 8th May 2017 – Manchester Bonsai Society
  • 26th May 2017 – North East Lincolnshire Bonsai Society
  • 26th August 2017 – Wirral Bonsai Society 
  • 10th October 2017 – Berkshire Bonsai Society 
  • 14th November 2017 – Accrington Bonsai Society 

Photo credit: Ashfield Bonsai Society

    Full Day Workshop

    Details of where I’ll be giving full day workshops around the UK are given below. More dates to be added shortly (I hope!). If your interested in my providing a workshop for your club or society please get in  touch at jarmitagebonsai@hotmail.co.uk. 

    • 27th May 2017 – Accrington Bonsai Society 
    • 17th June 2017 – Swindon Bonsai Society
    • 3rd June 2017 – Accrington Bonsai Society

    Photo credit: Swindon Bonsai Society

    Workshops at Leeds Studio

    In the not too distant future I intend to off small group (up to 8 people) workshops at my Bonsai studio in Leeds. Watch this space for details of these events.

    Before and after shots of some favourite trees

    Halfway through shot!

    After – Juniperus chinensis itoigawa

    Detail of the main branch

    Another juniper – Before


    Another juniper – before

    And after

    Common Juniper – Garden yamadori!

    The whole demo sequence for this tree will feature in the Swiss magazine Bonsai Kunst in the near future.



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