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John working on a large white pine during his first trip to Japan.

I haves been involved with Bonsai since I was 12 years old. At 14 I joined the Yorkshire Bonsai Association and shortly after began classes with  Dan Barton.

At 18 I began the first Bonsai business in Yorkshire from his parents garden in Leeds and later opened a shop in the city centre. (I did not want a proper job)

Since then I have had to get a “normal” job and I have spent a great deal of  time studying with Marco Invernizzi.

Starting in 2007 I spent considerable time in Japan with famous  Bonsai master Nobuichi Urushibata at his Taisho en nursery in Shizuoka. This sparked my love of the smaller sizes of Bonsai.

Despite the “proper” job I still travel widely to promote Shohin Bonsai and Bonsai. There’s never enough time as I am in great demand as a teacher, travelling all over the UK and beyond to give demonstrations, workshops etc.

I try to return to Japan annually to continue you my studies under under Urushibata sans tuition.

John and Urushibata san

AWARDS – (the main ones anyway)

Noelanders trophy 2008 – nomination for  Kifu sized Juniperus Chinensis Itoigawa.

British Shohin Association award 2008 – Best Chuhin Deciduous Ulmus Parvifolia.

Newstead award 2008 – Best Chuhin Juniperus Chinensis Itoigawa

Swindon and District Winter Image show 2009 – Best visiting display.

British Shohin Association 2009 – Best Shohin Evergreen

Best Of British 2009 – Best Shohin

Autumn Bonsai Exhibition – Capel Manor 2009 – Best in Show

Newstead award 2010 – Best Chuhin….for that Juniper…again!

Swindon Winter Image Show 2011 – Best Shohin Display

Shohin UK 2013 – Best display

The Bonsai group Autumn show, Capel Manor – Best display

Noelanders trophy 2014 – nomination for  Kifu sized Juniperus Chinensis Itoigawa.

BSA show 2014 best large shohin display


I am available for club and society talks. Not just to bonsai groups but regular horticultural ones too.


I run regular workshops too. please see the workshop page for more info.


Please email me for more info




Or telephone





One thought on “About

  1. Hi John
    Congrats on your Blog and I am sure it will be a HUGE success Great that your on your way to W-B-S Annual show this year on the 23/24 and 25 of August as it will be great to see you again
    When did you retire form the Chairman of the British Shohin
    take care, liked the Wheels
    Jim theLad

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