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I will be posting trees, pots and stands here that I can bear to part with. Most of the stuff is special, hand selected on my travels. You are unlikely to be able find similar trees  to the ones that  have for sale anywhere else in the UK. I do have material trees available at my home. Please email me if you are interested in any of the below trees. They can be posted easily within the UK.


Juniper 1 – £650 sold

Here we have a lovely little Juniper Itoigawa to get started with. I picked it up on my travels as a piece of material and Taiga Urushibata  very kindly wired and styled it for me. Planted in an old-ish handmade pot.

juniper for sale

juniper detailIts not yamadori but the twisting live vein and deadwood are really nice. The tree s ready to show.


Chinese elm – £300

A small Chinese elm in a nice yellow pot. Originally an air layer the tree has a great base and taper. it just needs more twigs, A couple of years work.

Chinese elm for sale



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