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The Yorkshire Bonsai Association 

Last night we had our first meeting of the reborn Yorkshire bonsai association.

It ceased to be about 12 years ago when I was preparing to go to Japan to spend time studying under the Urushibatas at Taishoen. No one wanted to take over the chair so the association folded up. Apart from a couple of half hearted attempts by myself to do something meaningful in the Leeds area, the district has been without a Bonsai society ever since.

I gave up waiting for someone else to start one and decided to at least get people together and see if there is a desire and a need for such a group. 

Last night saw a small group of us, some ex members including a previous chairperson and some from other clubs join together and discuss the viability whilst doing what we all set out to do in the first place, enjoy bonsai.

What was quite clear with the amount of experience in the room is that we all wanted to avoid the administration and politics  at all cost. We want to spend our time pruning, wiring (well some of us), displaying, chatting etc etc. All the fun bits! 

We welcome everyone that loves bonsai and just wants to improve and enjoy their trees. There is no membership fee, just a nominal fee to cover the room rent and that’s it. 

Everyone is welcome 


Hope to see you soon

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