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York Bonsai Society evening talk and demo

I was delighted to return to the York Bonsai Society last night in my quest to further shohin bonsai in the UK, and was pleased (relieved) to see so many attend. I brought some of my shohin with me, a two and a five tree display and gave a talk/demo and finished with a critique/chat about some of the trees members had brought along. Some really nice shohin are being developed here and I was more than happy to give any tips and advice I could to help keep them going in the right direction.

One problem with shohin demonstrations is the diminutive nature of the subject. It’s hard to see much from the back of the room. Plus it took about ten wires to wire the complete tree so to make it a bit more interesting and show a few other techniques it was planted on a rock. A good final image resulted and the evening was most enjoyable. That’s the thing, it should be fun. It is  our hobby after all!!

It’s great to be back doing demonstrations and to be passing on some of my enthusiasm for shohin. If anybody else would like me to visit your club, please do drop me an email.  Plus, as people are showing some interest, I will be arranging some informal workshops at my studio in Leeds very soon. Shohin-drop-in so to speak.  I’ll advertise here and on my Facebook page when a date is confirmed.


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